Injury Everywhere

If everybody, humans and animals, could just take a break from injury then that’d be really great.

At the start of the week the boyfriend had a “severe” cold (man flu at its finest) which continued through the week. The ducks aren’t doing well: we have a mumma duck who’s sitting so needs extra attention and one of the new Cayugas has a swelling on the ankle – a sprain. Fabulous. Oxo, our super lurcher rat catcher, caught the wrong end of the rat and got nipped on the nose AND my marine training brother dropped a glass bowl on his foot and has been incapacitated for the week.

Now, to cap it off, Jack decided to dive off an eight foot drop. The most annoying aspect? It was entirely avoidable. He was searching for his stick (he’s a lab – he’s stick mad), jumped on the bank and then onto the roof of the log shed. The boyfriend called him down and rather than retreat the way he came he decided to dive off the storey high roof.

At first we thought he was fine, he didn’t even flinch, and the stick search continued. We didn’t realise he was bleeding until he returned the stick to us.

He lost a claw in the impact and has a great gash across his paw. He has been cleaned, wrapped up and is being kept indoors as much as possible. He is also feeling very sorry for himself (see above picture) and sporting a sock so he can’t get at the bandage. Queue lots of Dobby jokes.

I may joke about Jack, and the ducks and all of the other animals but actually whenever they’re harmed I feel genuine heartache. Yes, we keep animals that are headed for the freezer come Autumn but the trade off is that they have a good life. By buying supermarket meat we weren’t taking responsibility for the welfare of the animals that we ate.  By raising our own, even if it’s sometimes a bit grim, we know they’ve been well treated (read about why we kill our own meat here). When they’re harmed, like my poor duck’s sprained ankle, I’ve let them down. I’m not holding up my end of the bargain.

In a few weeks everybody will be right as rain again but, for now, I’ll just have to stay stocked up on the grapes and treat all my invalids with a little extra love.


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