Smallholding Gallery


9 thoughts on “Smallholding Gallery

      • mydeskisinafield says:

        Believe it or not a sheep once started on me and headbutted me off a bank into a dyke. I’ve been wary of them since!


      • bethmiddleton1991 says:

        Oh I believe it! Saying that, ours are quite docile. It’s the goats you want to look out for – although they suffer from an abundance of enthusiasm rather than anything more sinister.


      • bethmiddleton1991 says:

        I would have agreed with you up until a year or so ago. They always seemed a little shifty to me – it’s probably got something to do with the square pupils and Satan references. We invested in two goats last summer though and they’re absolutely charming and very loving. I’d venture that they’d make better pets than cats do!


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